|| श्री कृष्ण महाराज धनी अवधुत | |
 || Chaturpata Atharvan Ved ||
|| Chaturpata Atharvan Ved ||

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    || Chaturpata Atharvan Ved ||
         Spiritual Knowledge of Sat Yavaga  

                      Sawanga-Vithoba, Taluka : Chandur-Railway,
              District : Amaravati, State : Maharastra (Vidharbha), Country : India

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    || Chaturpata Atharvan Ved ||


    This is conventional Chaturpata Krishna Avdhoot Pantha 's hidden and ancient Chaturpati Krishna 's abdominal Chaturpata Atharvan Ved which is asserted and proclaimed in Vidharbhian Marathi (Vharadi) language by Purna Avatar Shri Krishna G in about 17th century.

    Since 17th century to 21st century onwards, this Chaturpata Atharvan Ved 's Chaturpati spiritual knowledge of Sat Yavaga are transfer through Spiritual Oral Knowledge Transformation Systems such as : Akash Vanis of beyond attributed anon holy men, Bhajan sound waves of Bhajan Mandis and Bhajanis, Yogis etc. This Spiritual Oral Knowledge Transformation System 's procedures are run by Traditional Chaturpata Krishna Avdhoot Pantha 's well organized methods. This methods follow by Chaturpata Krishna Avdhoot Pantha 's anonymous holy men, Bhakta-Bhajanis, Yogis, Saint 's etc.

    Now in 21st century 's year 2000 to 2017, this Chaturpata Atharvan Ved 's scattered anthological Bhajan Ovies along with Chaturpata Spiritual Knowledge is collected by Nirsankar, from Chaturpata Krishna Avdhoot Pantha 's beyond attributed anon holy men, vivid Known and unknown sources, an onymous holy men and Bhakta Bhajanis Yogis etc. This Chaturpata Atharvan Ved 's anthological Bhajan Ovies collections and it 's elucidatory explanation writing work is done by Nirsankar within this 17 years (i.e. from 2000 to 2017)

    As per instructions and guidelines of Chaturpata Krishna Avdhoot Pantha 's beyond attributed anon holy men, Known and unknown sources etc, this Chaturpata Atharvan Ved 's scattered anthological Bhajan Ovies collections and it 's elucidatory expound explanations in Marathi, along with Pantha 's aims and guidelines, planning 's etc. works are set in order by Nirsankar. And it is Published for all over mankind by Krishna Avdhoot Devastan 's Krishna Raul-01-YTL-445001 M.S. India, on dated Magh Sudha Panchami-2017(01/02/2017) along with this portal.

    Now from this spiritual portal 'Chaturpata Atharvan Ved' run by Donor 's, we will allow you to read or free download and freely distribute complete Print copy of this Chaturpata Atharvan Ved along with it 's all Khanda 's and Parishiste. Also we allow you to free download individuals Khandas, Bhajan Ovies, Parishiste etc. of this Chaturpata Atharvan Ved for your individual uses and it 's free download spirituals Sandharbha Granthas in our Spiritual books section links uses for free download spiritual books in English, Hindi, Marathi, Sanskrit languages.

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